Alarik, Champion of the Lady of Rust

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Digital Art Painting [Time Lapse]-Character Concept Art Design-6-TecnoBarbarian

Continuing with my "Character a day" challenge, here is a character that is some kind of crossover between Mad Max and Warhammer 40k.

This is a personal challenge where I have to create a new character from scratch and without any previous preparation in one single day( 8 hours). The aim of this challenge is to train my mental and creative agility and my hand by creating this character under these limitations and finishing them to a certain level of polish.

I also made a short story you can check on my Facebook page:
A small teaser of it:

As a true son of his world, Alarik grew up roaming the endless junkyard planes that cover the entirety of his home planet. His tribe, as the rest that lived on the planet, was nomadic. Travelling from one place to another, escaping the deadly sandstorms and looking to get their hands into any spare parts of equipment, scratch metal and salvageable machinery...